Agency:            Hellenic Foundation for the Research & Innovation
Programme:  ​​Basic Research Financing Action, Sub-action II, Funding Projects in Leading-Edge Sectors
Title:                SERENITY: Single biomarker characterization for the cure of Autoimmunity    
Budget:            263.200€
Duration:       2023-2025
Role:                Principal Investigator

Agency:           Greek Secretariat for Research & Technology
Programme:  ​​Flagship Actions
Title:                Identification, confirmation and expoitation of the genetic basis of non-communicable multifactorial diseases for the                              development of new therapeutic approaches and reliable biomarkers  
Budget:            4.915.000€ (​SpilianakisLab: 150.000€)
Duration:       2023-2025
Role:                Partner

Agency:           University of Crete
Programme:  ​​Dissemination of Research Results, Category A'
Title:                ​The interplay of SATB1 and BACH1 in gene regulation of T cells and the cause of autoimmunity
Budget:            2.500€ 
Duration:       2023
Role:                Principal Investigator

Agency:          European Union
Programme: ​H2020-MSCA-ETN-2018, GA-622934
Title:               Joint Training and Research Program on Chromatin Dynamics and the DNA Damage Response
Budget:          4.011.939€. (SpilianakisLab: 243.000€)
Duration:      2019-2022
Role:               Partner

Agency:           European Union
Programme:  ​COST - European Cooperation in Science & Technology
Title:                ​International Nucleome Consortium
Budget:            500.000€
Duration:       2019-2023
Role:                Management Committee Member (National Representative)